"Your participation is to rescue the lives of those who were generated in the bosom of Abraham, and are lost, or feeling that way."

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About Us

The Rescue Generation is a non-governmental institution, with a missionary, evangelistic and Christian vision.

Founded in 2018. We’ve already trained 28 professionals in Christian coaching. We’re able to provide Evolutionary Coaching Services in Portuguese, English and Spanish.​

Why are we here?

We are here to assist anyone and everyone who comes in contact with us online, with coaching sessions of approximately 30 minutes, weekly, for 2 months. To assist them in their personal decisions regarding different areas of their life. The foundation and pillars for our work is the word of God.

A coach does not advise, mentor or treat psychological or schizophrenic trauma. We understand that the greatest need in the world today is related to anxiety about the future and its uncertainties. That’s why the demand for assistance, structured in the love that Christ has taught us is capable of transforming and saving the lives of those who feel abandoned, left behind, injured, or incapacitated.

Our work is serious and ethical, complying with God’s principles, and laws. We understand the commitment we have as human beings, as professionals and as Christians before God, for this work to be carried out. We are taking care of those who God Himself defined as the ones He loves.

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